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Miscellaneous Equipment
Miscellaneous Equipment


Protools HD 3 System: Main Studio
128 Tracks with 32 channels of discreet I/O, Digidesign Sync I/O, 23" Apple Cinema monitor, and over 2 terabyte of hard drive space. Glyph GT 103 Mainframe. AIT 2 Tape drive backup. DVD backup drive.

Protools HD 3 System: Production Room / Remote Recording
128 Tracks with 32 channels of discreet I/O, 20" Apple Cinema Monitor, Glyph GT 103 Mainframe. AIT 2 Tape drive backup. DVD backup drive.

Protools LE System: Mobile/Mexico
48 Tracks, 96k/24bit, MacBook Pro Intel, mBox Pro 2

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Digital: Yamaha DM2000 (96 channels at 96K)
Digital: Yamaha 02R96k (56 channels at 96k - remote recording)
Analog: Mackie 1604 (keyboard submixer)

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Tape Machines: (Multitrack)

Digital: (4) Tascam HR 78 24 bit recorders
..............(1) Tascam DA-88 with SY-88 sync card
..............(1) Tascam DA-38

Tape Machines: (2 Track)

Analog: MCI JH-110 1/2" and 1/4" 30 ips
...............Tascam ATR-60 (with centertrack TC,
...............Dolby SR, Dolby A, and Dbx 150X Type 1 NR.)
...............Nakamichi MR-1 Cassette machine
...............Nakamichi BX300 Cassette machine

Digital: Tascam DA-45 HR (24 bit)
...............Panasonic SV 3800 DAT
...............Panasonic SV 3700 DAT
...............Panasonic SV 3500 DAT
...............Sony PCM R500 DAT

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Tannoy System 15 Monitors (soffit mounted)
Klein+Hummel 0-198 Nearfield Monitors
Blue Sky 5.1 Surround Montior System (THX Approved)
Yamaha NS-10s
ADS BC-8 Studio Monitors (2 pr.) - custom designed for Telarc
Custom Headphone Cue System (see below)

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Sony 800G (tube)
AKG C-12VR (tube) (2)
Neumann U-67 (tube)
Neumann U-87 (Stephen Paul modified)
Neumann U-47 FET
Neumann M147 (tube)
Neumann KM84 (3)
Neumann KM86
Neumann KM150
Sanken CU-41
B&K 4006 (3)
B&K 4011 (2)
RCA DX-77 (ribbon)
Coles 4038 (ribbon)
Royer R121 (ribbon) (2)
AKG 414EB (2)
AKG 451E (2)
AKG D112
Beyer MC740s (2)
Sennheiser 441 (2)
Sennheiser 421 (4)
Sennheiser MD 409 (2)
Sennheiser 609
Shure SM-7
Shure SM-81
Shure Beta 58 (2)
Shure SM 57 (3)
Shure SM 58 (2)
Crown SASS Head (B&K)
EV RE 20 (2)

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Microphone Preamps:

GML 8304 (4 Channels)
Millenia HV-D (8 Channels)
Millenia TD-1 (with HV-3 mic pre)
API 3124M (4 Channels)
API 512 C (2 Channels)
Universal Audio 2-610 (2 Channels)
Focusrite ISA 215 (Neve designed) (4 channels)
Demeter VTMP-2A (2 Channels)
Pultec Mavec

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Teletronix LA-2A (tube)
Teletronix/UREI LA-3A (2)
UREI LA-4 Blackface (2)
UREI 1176LN Blackface (4)
UREI 1178
Neve 33609 (discrete)
DBX 160 VU (2)
DBX 160X (3)
TC Electronics Finalizer 96k

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Pultec EQP-1A3 tube EQ
Pultec Mavec tube EQ
Lang PEQ-2
Focusrite ISA215 (Blue Series) (4)
API 550A (6)
API 554 Parametrics (2)
API 560 10 Band Graphics (2)

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Lexicon 480L (with LFI-10 digital interface)
Lexicon PCM 96
Lexicon PCM 70
Lexicon PCM 60 (2)
TC Electronics M2000
Korg DRV 3000
Eventide H3000 DS/E

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Lexicon PCM 42
TC Electronics 2290
Eventide H3000 DS/E

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Drawmer DS 201 Dual gate
Drawmer DS 404 Quad gate

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Cue System:

The "White Crow Artist Cue System" [featured in Mix Magazine]
(5) Discrete, musician controllable headphone mix stations, each with individual 24 channel mixers, internal signal processing, Crown D-75 amplifiers, 480L effects returns, and lighting module, in roll-around pedestals.

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Direct Boxes:

Millenia TD-1 (with HV-3 mic pre)
Avalon Ultra 5 Direct (3)
Demeter Tube Direct
Brookes-Siren AR-133 (2)

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Bryston 4B [mains]
Hafler PRO 2400 [headphones]
Crown D75 [headphones] (5)
BGW 250E [nearfields]

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Sennheiser HD 600
Sennheiser HD 580 (2)
Sennheiser HMD 25-1
Beyer 990
Beyer 770 (2)
Audio Technica ATH M-50
AKG K240 (9)

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Apogee PSX-100 24 bit A/D convertor
Roland SVC 350 Vocoder
BBE 822 Sonic Maximizer
Dbx Subharmonic Synthesizer
Rocktron Exciter/Imager

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Baldwin SF-10 7' Grand Piano
Hammond B-3 with Model 122 Leslie (1961)
Hohner D Clavinet
Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Fender Rhodes Electric Piano
Vox Jaguar combo organ
Arp 2600 Modular synthesizer (2)
Minimoog synthesizers (2)
Oberheim OBXA 6-Voice
Oberheim OB-8 8-Voice
Linn 9000 Drum machine and sequencer
Yamaha Motif ES Synth/Piano with weighted keys
Yamaha Motif ES Rack
Roland RD-700GX Synth
Roland FP-5 digital piano
Roland RD-300 Piano (2)
Roland S760 Sampler (32 meg RAM and CD ROM drive)
Roland D550 Synth modules (3)
Roland R-8M Drum machine
Akai S1000 Sampler (3)
Akai S900 Sampler
Korg M1R Sound Module
Korg CX-3 organ module
Yamaha DX-7II
Yamaha DX-7 with E mod.
Yamaha TX 802 module
Alesis D4 Drum machine
Castiglione Accordian
Big Briar Theremin

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Other: [instruments]

1967 Fender Super Reverb amplifier (totally refurbished)
1964 Fender Deluxe Reverb Amplifier
Taylor 812 guitar with Fishman Blender pickup system
Yamaha 12 String acoustic guitar
Roland Electronic drum kit
Roland Octapad

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Sony 42" Plasma Monitor
Sony VO-9800 3/4" video machine
Adams-Smith Zeta 3 video synchronizer
Aardvark Aard Sync II Master Word Clock synchronizer
Sony 25" XBR high resolution video monitor
Sony 9" color video monitor (for Roland S760 sampler)
Mac Quadra 605 Computer (MIDI setup)
MOTU Midi Timpiece (MIDI setup)
JL Cooper MSB Plus (MIDI setup)
Adcom CD Player with digital port
Reamp (tape to instrument amp interface) (2)
JBL EON 10 Powered Speakers
Melior "French Press" coffee maker!

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